Profile Julie Griggs

Julie Griggs

AGE: 45


STATE: Missouri

CLASS: Women Known

BOW: Elite E35

ARROWS: Gold tip Ultralight 600

SIGHT: Axcel Ax 3000



BIO: I was born and raised in Missouri. I am married with two children. I have always loved fishing and hunting. I enjoy watching baseball and football. I started shooting a bow as an adult. I compete in 3D and indoor archery events. I have won several local and State titles along with several podium appearances at national 3D events. I co-host an archery podcast with friends-Bow Divas Podcast.

THINGS YOU LIKED ABOUT REGIONS ARCHERY: I appreciate how close to my area that some of the Regions Archery events are. It is a fun format to shoot, especially getting to score the upper or lower 12 rings and the IBO 11 ring.

1st Place in "Women's Known" 2016

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