Profile John Saunders

John Saunders

AGE: 40


STATE: Missouri

CLASS: Modern Bow Hunter

BOW: Elite Energy 32

ARROWS: Gold Tip Triple X Pros

SIGHT: Axcel Accustat 5 Pin

STABILIZERS: Bee stinger 


BIO: I have always been an avid outdoorsman, I competition coon hunted hounds for around 25 years but as time went on I got married and had children I  began to look for something that my family and I could all do together outdoors. So a friend of mine talked me into buying a bow and giving it a try. I hunted my first year with it and in the spring I attended my first local 3D shoot and was hooked and began to devote all the time that I possibly could to becoming as good of a competitive archer as I could be.  I have had the opportunity to shoot all across the country in several different states and have enjoyed this sport so much.  The people that I have met and the friendships and memories that I have made while along the way are priceless.  There is no doubt that I love to win these shoots but win or lose the most valuable thing that I want is for people to see me as a good sportsman and positive competitor in our sport.

THINGS YOU LIKED ABOUT REGIONS ARCHERY: I shoot in the Modern Bow Hunter class so that combines 3 different dimensions which separates it from your normal 3D. It simulates a true hunting shot scenario closer than any other shoots that I have been involved in.  The level of anxiety and nerves in this venue is unbelievable. I recommend anyone to give this class a try!

3rd Place in "Mordern Bow Hunter" 2016
2016 "Modern Bow Hunter" Shooter of the Year

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