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Regions Archery Bow Hunters Pro/Am Tour

3D Shooters, there are brand new tour events to showcase your talents at!  Richard (Dick) Pintcke of Regions Archery, Inc.  is announcing the newly formed  Regions Archery Bowhunters Pro/Am Tour.

Hisgoal is to create a new nationwide 3D archery shooters event starting now and continuing to develop over the next three to four years. Regions Archery, Inc. will ultimately consist of six regions with three scheduled televised events on a twenty-six week schedule in each region with emphasis on the “BowHunters Pro / Am Tour.”

Because 3D archery has been growing slowly over the past twenty-five years and has not developed nationally, Dick believes that by bringing the tour to the shooters it will provide a much more affordable and less time constraining experience for shooters. The high cost of travel has made it prohibitive, but now more shooters will be able to participate affordably in this exciting sport by keeping it localized to their region.

Regions Archery, Inc. doesn’t want to re-invent the wheel, but will be adopting  the event strategies that have been proven to work and hopefully not duplicate those strategies  that don’t. They will be offering bonus activities and shooting opportunities for shooters that help keep them on the site and in contact with the sponsors as long as possible.

In order to select the best sites for tour events, Regions Archery, Inc. will be working with proven specific site criteria. To coordinate the site availability and the site services, they will work with the visitor’s bureau, sports commission, travel bureau and economic development council in each city or county. Each site selected will meet specific requirements for hotel access and travel times, and have site amenities to better serve shooters.

 Regions will work very hard to ensure that the ranges are of professional quality, that they will provide a competitive challenge, and that they are worthy of being part of a professional national event. It is of utmost importance that the ranges are within reasonable walking distances to eliminate excessive walking times.

In addition, high priority to the site selection process will be given for convenient parking, practice facilities, the sponsor village facilities, and quality and reasonably priced food.

But most of all, the highest priority will be given to providing a comfortable, affordable experience for shooters so that they stay on site and will want to come back again and again.

Regions Archery, Inc. will take full advantage of all promotional opportunities available such as local newspapers, television, and local radio stations through their contacts at community convention bureaus, visitors bureaus and development councils. A tour guide providing shoot and site information which can be retained throughout the season will be available to every member shooter.

The Regions website and tournament village will provide a place for sponsors to showcase their products and provide live feeds and filmed shoots for members to view until Regions is able to televise the events.

How, you may ask, is Regions Archery, Inc. going to reach the roots of the 3D world? The answer is simple. Shooters who travel to national events, like Regions Archery shoots, take back information to their local shops, clubs and their friends regarding what’s new in 3D archery. By attending shoots like a Regions Archery Pro/Am you will be a leader for the sport, and will convey your positive experience at a Pro/Am Tour. Your support of Regions Archery, Inc. is what will get 3D archery to an elevated and recognized professional level. That is why Regions Archery, Inc. is working so hard to ensure that the quality of these events will exceed all that has come before it.

For more information or for questions, please contact Richard (Dick) Pintcke at Regions Archery, Inc., P.O. Box 5040, Hudson, Florida 34674 or call 859-582-8661 / e-mail: Richard@regionsarchery.com.